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We want to tell you something...

Nev, or to be more accurate Big Hair Nev, and I are deadset motor fans. We love it in all its forms which is why we have written about the sport, published about the sport and created 'original content' on the sport.

But we got to the point where chasing our news fix was consuming our day, jump from here to there, from Australia to America to Europe. So we sat down to build an App with a complete view of the sport in one place... a 360° view if you like.

It has taken a while, but here it is.

Over the next few months we'll fine tune it and maybe even ebentually provide a wen portal too. But we need you... we need to know what we've got wrong and what websites we are missing. So please fill in the contact form and let us know, and stay tuned for a hgh speed ride.

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