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Must See Formula 1 in 2020

Each season there is a little bit of the unknown, who has done what in the off-season? What new tweaks will appear? Will the status quo be rocked? The best way to stay on top of that is the technical section on the F1 website, then you can buckle down for the races with knowledge, but for many of us, nothing beats the racing.

Here is out short list of the races we most want to see in 2020.

  • Australian Grand Prix - 15 March The season's second biggest race weekend in terms of crowd numbers is also the first race of the season and the time when the huff and puff of the pre-season is bedded in reality. Who can forget 2019 when Ferrari went to Melbourne in red-hot testing form only to be blown away by the Mercedes boys? We love this race weekend.

  • Vietnamese Grand Prix - 5 April This track looks a beauty, but, who knows, reality may be a harsh mistress. The flowing lines replicate some of the great parts of tracks around the world and it has also got some long straights with big stops which is where the passing action happens - check out the onboard simulation if you doubt our excitement If you can't get to Hanoi, the TV will be awesome.

  • Dutch Grand Prix - 3 May Formula One's return to Zandvoort in North Holland will be something else, if you thought the 'orange stands' throughout 2019 were something, wait till you see the sea of orange that will be unleashed for Max Verstappen at his home Grand Prix - imagine how much Heineken will be consumed post-race if he wins. The tricky little track hasn't been used for F1 since 1985 but some recent upgrades have brought it back into play.

  • Monaco Grand Prix - 24 May The most prestigious race on the calendar is both the hardest to win, and the most ridiculous on that tight little street track.

  • The European Summer Season OK, so it is now one Grand Prix, but the crazy sprint with six races from France in late June to Italy in the first week of September pretty much defines the Championship. Last year it was seven races (we lost Germany for 2020, which is a pity since it was the fan's favourite race in 2019) and Lewis Hamilton won and finished on the podium in two other races to open up a commanding lead in the series. Aside from France last year, all the races were sensational.

  • Mexican Grand Prix - 1 November What a great track, the section heading into the old baseball stadium is a coliseum like no other in F1, it is also the only place the podium is not held in the pits as the party starts out there. The high altitude always opens up the unexpected. If you can find the official site, let us know!!

  • Brazilian Grand Prix - 15 November An amazing circuit, and fan base as good as any and action aplenty. And who knows what the weather will bring... Interlagos has it all. And the racing, oh the racing.

  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 29 November The season's final event will hopefully see a battle under lights to decide the title winner... a great track that always give something extra.

Keep Up To Date

Obviously the best way to stay on top of your F1 news is on the Motorsport360™ App and don't forget to use the Blackout Function if you don't want any spoilers as you play with time zones.

Also keep an eye on Pirelli for information on each Grand Prix -

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