About Motorsport360™

Tired of jumping from one motorsport news website to the next? Motorsport360™ links you to the world’s series – Formula 1, MotoGP, NASCAR, Supercars in one handy App based browser.


Get the full 360° view! Whether it’s Formula 1, MotoGP, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula E, WEC, WRC, WRX, DTM, WSBK, TCR or more, Motorsport360 is a news aggregator that gathers them all in a unique, easy-to-use App. Set your favourite series and you’re done!

Save time and get complete coverage at your convenience.


  • Continuously updated News feed

  • User-friendly design with a unique interface

  • Continuously updated Video feed

  • Continuously updated Audio feed

  • 'My Series' filter to personalise your News, Video and Podcast feeds

  • Unique 'Blackout' function to avoid spoilers

  • Driver and Teams information

  • Schedules and Leaderboards

It’s exactly what you need for a full-on race weekend.

If you’re an motorsport news fan, strap-in for a special experience...

  • Latest links updated 24/7

  • Filter to your personal tastes through the ‘My Series’ option

  • All latest in one place, or select series individually

  • Updated video links to browse at your convenience

  • Arranged to your My Series preferences.

  • Selection of podcasts in one place

  • Updated audio links to play on-demand

  • Arranged to your My Series preferences

  • My Series: Unique filter system

  • Blackout: No spoilers on multiple event weekends


About us


The Motorsport360 team has built the app they wanted. It started from trying to cut the number of websites we had to jump around for our daily news fix, to working through the issues for fans of more than one class that wanted to watch a race at another time while still staying connected.


If you love your motorsport, autosport, car racing, bikes, drags, rally or whatever it is with wheels and engines or motors, we will become your second home and browser of choice for your speed fix. But stay tuned, this is just the start of a global network of motorsport news.

We are a team of motorsport writers, content originators and publishers with access to best technology for app development and have only just started.